Dr.Ratna Pal do philanthropic work & very sincere toward aged people.She has amazing experience on pain management. Aged people can avail her service with reasonable fee.

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Dr. Ratna Pal
Doctor's Visiting home on call
( B.Sc, D.M.S, Acupuncture Doctors )

Residential Address: 68/1 H, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata-700054.
(Near Ramkrishna Math Yogodyan, Kankurgachi.)

Call: +91 9831311221 email: [email protected]

Renuka Homoeo Pharmacy

AD-142 Mukta Abadan Rabindra Pally Kestopur, Kolkata-700 101

Visiting Hours:
Monday & Friday: 7PM to 9PM, Wednesday & Saturday: 11AM to 1PM
Call: +91 9831311221

M Bhattacharyya & Co

42D, Asutosh Mukherjee Road.Kolkata - 700025

Visiting Hours:
Thursday : 4 - 6.30 pm
Call: +91 9831311221

Bio Pharma

19A, Banamali Ghosal Lane, Kolkata - 700034
Opposite James Long Nursing Home
Near Behala Blind School

Visiting Hours:
Tuesday: 6-8PM
Call: +91 9831311221
Fee - 200/-